“TOBOR, THE GREAT” – FOUND AFTER 50’s YEARS!!! Last November I got a call from my good friend Fred Barton – aka The-Robotman, and he told me that he had discovered the whereabouts of the one and only original Tobor, the Great from the 1954 Republic Pictures film. The Tobor robot prop has been missing for over 50 years and was presumed lost or destroyed. Fred wanted to fly-up and check out the claim that Tobor in fact had survived in tact all these years and that this was indeed the same one as used in the movie. He asked if I wanted to join him on this once in a lifetime find. I was only to glad to be a part of this. Fred and I had been wanting to build a Tobor for years and when this opportunity came up, it was just too good to pass up. So, we flew out there and sure enough, it was Tobor and in pristine condition. As it turned out, Tobor has been safely stored along with his space age remote control in a private collection for over 50 years where he remains today and likely until the end of time. It was an amazing find and I was stoked to be able to be part of his resurrection. Fred and I tore the costume apart looking for tells to authenticate the prop and after careful inspection, there was little doubt that this was Tobor. He required no restoration aside from rewiring the eyes and lighting him up. The owner allowed me to make detailed drawings and blue prints as well as templates right off of the original costume. Between what I was able to tinker together and with the aid of Fred for some key parts as well, I was able to make an astonishingly accurate reproduction straight from the original screen used costume itself. – The only way to fly. Both Fred and I have the only two replica’s of this kind in the world. Finding the original “Tobor, the Great” after being missing and presumed destroyed for over 50 years was truly a remarkable find. Tobor is the third great robot from the fabulous fifties, in league with Robby, the Robot™ and Gort™. To find out more about this amazing find and to acquire a Tobor A/P replica for yourself, visit Fred Barton at www.the-robotman.com for more details. INDEX at bottom of this page.

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